What Are The Causes Of Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is the best option for dental care. Quest Dental provides the best services for this. Root canal can prevent further decay and harm if it is performed at the right time. But what are the causes of a root canal? How come this procedure is done? And more importantly, what are the benefits?

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Most people know about the importance of a clean tooth. This includes brushing, flossing and other recommended maintenance procedures. One problem that some people face is not cleaning their teeth properly. This might include foods and drinks left in between the teeth, plaque, bacteria, cavities, etc. Root canal therapy is designed to remove these impurities so your tooth’s pulp can be easily extracted. Once the pulp is extracted, the dentist then restores the tooth’s surface by cleaning, polishing or filling the tooth.

Once the tooth’s surface has been restored to its original state, the dentist uses tools such as root canal machines to extract the remaining pulp from the root canal. The extraction of the pulp will allow the dentist to remove the decaying tissue, bacteria, tartar, etc. in your tooth. This will result in your new tooth being free from bacteria and infections. It also allows the tooth to be filled with tooth-colored material to match the color of your natural teeth.

Other things cause a root canal. One cause is when the nerves of the tooth are exposed because of cracking, deterioration or breakage. Another is a tooth that has been exposed for an extended period. Lastly, a tooth may have a cavity or abscess. These are the most common and potentially serious causes of a root canal.

Some patients experience bleeding during or after the root canal treatment. This usually occurs when the dentist is probing for the root canal. If this occurs, extra care should be taken so the bleeding does not continue or the tooth can actually get infected.

Dentists usually use root canal treatments for a period of six months or more. During this time, no food should be consumed, and a patient must avoid any type of physical exertion that might further crack and damage the tooth. After root canal therapy is done, a new tooth can usually be placed over it. However, this process may not be possible if there was a hole in the tooth during the treatment. In this case, the dentist may have to reconstruct the hole. It is also important to note that not all patients will experience these problems, but it is best to take note of any unusual feelings that you may have.