The Latest Door Handles Designs and Innovations

The best part of having a new door handle or knob is that you get to make the choice with latest door handles designs and styles. You get to match the color, style and form with the interiors of your house. You can also choose from a variety of designs to suit your needs and tastes. You can design them yourself to ensure that the material is high quality and you do not compromise on the value for money.

Wrought iron knobs and handles, wooden handles and brass door handles are faithful reproductions of antique and other vintage designs. They are available in many shapes including round, square, rectangular, oval, etc. If you prefer to have some personal touch, you can choose a brass door handle or a wooden knob. Depending on your needs and tastes you can select any of the latest door handles Australia designs and styles.

Latest Door Knobs designs and trends to look out in 2018-19 | New Western  Abrasive

Cedar knobs and handles made of cedar are available in the market. The texture of cedar wood makes it so unique and beautiful. There are various types of cedar available such as northern red Cedar, aromatic cedar, white cedar, bay Douglas, Spanish cedar etc. A superior quality cedar knob or handle will suit the interiors of your home and complement your modern and stylish lifestyle. The Cedar knob or handle of the latest door handles designs and styles can be painted to give it a rustic and classy look.

Our range of modern and contemporary furniture collection includes different varieties of designs for your home. The interior designs are inspired by various periods in history including the ancient styles. For your complete satisfaction and ease of movement while opening or closing the front door of your house, we have the latest door handles designs with the door knobs of various types, styles and designs such as:

If you are looking for additional furniture like chest of drawers or book cases to match your bedroom set, dressing table or vanity set or wardrobe then our collection of bedroom sets or vanity sets or the wardrobe knobs and handles with castle style door hardware is just perfect for you. Bedroom sets come with our specially designed bed frame that has our knobs and handles with this classic antique design of the door knobs and handles. The styling of the bed frame of this bedroom set is beautiful and rich with different finishes like we have the cream and bronze finish with the pebble finish on the handles of the bedroom set. We have matching dresser which comes with the same handle knobs and pulls but this dresser is a little plain without any other embellishments on it. There is another dresser of the same type and design with a mirror underneath which is also done with a bronze finish. In addition to this we have the guest robe storage which comes with an antique finish on the side and pebble style on the door knobs.

Lastly, if you want to get some accessories to enhance the overall elegance of your room, then our collection of the latest accessories for door knobs and handles with antique and vintage design is just perfect for you. With our vast collection of the latest knobs and handles in various designs, shapes, sizes and colors, it is always better to have a look on the collection and choose the one that suits your home interior best. All the products of Handyman are made of high quality materials, and meet international quality standards. Also we offer free shipping services for our customers. For any other assistance or information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.