Piano Movers – All About Moving Your Piano

Are you planning to move your piano to a new home or even across the street? If so, you should consider hiring professional Piano Movers Austin. You don’t want to make this big investment and then have it damaged in some freak accident. There are companies that will help you with moving your piano safely, but it doesn’t hurt to do a bit of research and find a reliable company to help you. There are other ways to move your piano, but these two are safe and reliable.

Piano movers

Move Cost for an Easy, local move Your moving costs may be as low as just a few hundred dollars if you’re just relocating from your current home to a new one. Moving across the country? The moving cost for moving your piano across the country can range from several thousand dollars to more than ten thousand dollars. Here are some basic things that the piano movers need to know to give you a more accurate estimate: Which type of piano you have. Do you need the piano moved locally or across the street?

What is your location like? Does it have any stairs involved? If so, how far away do the stairs are from your home? Do the stairs require a lift? Is your instrument bolted to the floor or on some type of table or shelf?

What are your options for moving your piano? New York, Los Angeles and Chicago are a few of the most popular destinations for piano movers. However, if you live in a small town, there are probably no other choice but to hire professional piano movers in these cities.

Do you have blankets? Movers in New York and Los Angeles will be able to quote you on moving blankets. This is important because, as you know, the best way to move a piano is on solid ground. The blankets can be rolled up and kept with the instrument, but many pianos are not very heavy. So the blankets can be a very helpful in transferring the instrument between floors.

How long do you want your instrument to be out of the house? If you want the instrument to stay out of the house for a while, consider whether you want the movers to help you unload the instrument on the morning of the move. If you choose not to hire professional piano movers, it may be possible to rent a dolly from the moving company so that you can transport the instrument yourself. But remember, the longer it is out of your home, the more expensive it will become. And if you choose to hire professional piano movers, you may save money because they charge by the hour.