Painting Bone Inlay Chest

Bone inlay is nothing new to anyone, although, it’s actually been around for thousands of years and has been a long established method of home furniture decoration dating way back in the ancient times. Most people think that Bone Inlay Chest are only found on pottery but this isn’t entirely true. These beautiful handmade masterpieces are also found on various other types of manufactured or decorative items. Usually, they are used to create borders or decorative patterns on things such as chairs, tables, storage containers, cabinets etc. But nowadays, many homeowners are deciding to use this method as a means for adding style to their homes.

Paint Project: A DIY Faux Bone Inlay Chest - House & Home

One example of how this type of home furniture decoration can be beneficial is by using a bone inlay chest or dresser. This is especially popular because most women find it uncomfortable and even impossible to dress their chests and wardrobes properly without using the help of special dressers. This is because there is no other type of dresser that offers the right combination of materials, fashion and functionality that a traditional dresser does. A chest like this can easily offer the perfect mix of modern as well as classic elegance.

The most popular type of faux bone inlay chest is made using high quality, white, unpainted plywood, which is then covered with a thin layer of black paint. Some people even use a faux topcoat of paint for an extra layer of protection and to make sure that it won’t get damaged easily. The thickness of the plywood determines how many drawers can be accommodated. However, if you only have a few drawers to work with, then you can just install whatever number of drawers you’re comfortable with.

Once the plywood is ready, you can install the drawers one by one, following the instructions printed on the cover. As the drawers are being installed, you’ll need to screw them onto the edges of the opening. You may want to use some screws but be careful not to damage any screws. Once the drawers are completely installed, you can finish the front face of the chest by applying some glass mosaic tile.

If you’ve decided to get fancy with your new chest, you can add details such as hinges and drawer slides. The most popular material used for the drawers is oak, since it’s very durable. An important thing to consider when getting fancy with your bone inlay drawers is to make sure that the color and texture of the cover will match the rest of the furniture in your room. Most of the time, the cover will come in standard colors so you don’t have to spend a lot of time choosing one that matches. You can also choose to have your drawer slides in different designs or styles.

Now that your drawers are finished, you can apply some clear masking tape on the front surface to hide the wires and handles. Just be careful not to leave any visible paint on the exposed wood. This is where you can experiment with different colors. You can apply one shade of white paint and then let it dry to get a better effect. Once the chest has dried, you can add your own finishing touch by sanding the edges and applying some white paint.